Trim saw for gemstones

Lapidary trim saw SNB-25 

€ 1175,00 / 987,39

incl. diamond saw blade 250mm and 1L coolant
€ 1299,90 / 1092,35

This cutting base is suitable for a diamond saw blade up to max. 25 cm, thus the cutting height is 10cm. A stone guide ensures a clean cut.

The running diamond saw blade is absolutely safe for your fingers, as this is a diamond saw blade. "There is no sharp blade and the blade is not toothed."

The saw table and the shaft are made of stainless steel. The dimensions are 35 x 58 x 32.5cm WTH (ready mounted on board). Convince yourself of the quiet motor 0,3kW (65db, with safety switch) of the cutting machine during a visit.

Coolant packaging 1L, 5L and
our quality saw blades made in Germany you can find here:

 Diamond saw blades and coolant