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Red Rolling - Tumblersee picture

 ( for tumblestones ) STRONGLY STEEL-built, comes in attractive RED/black plastic-coating. On top our very special rubber barrel (from now we deliver only white barrels!) : Look at the inside of the barrel , which causes a forced-abrasive-movement ! It functions silently day and night without harming your or the neighbours sleep, and consumes only very few 220/230V/ac, just like a small bulb. This machine is the cheapest and easy way to start your mechanical/automatical grinding of colected beach- or river-pebbles or bought rough prec. stones. (Starting already from about € 10,00 p.kg)

It also can be used for working all kinds of parts derusting like metal, plastic, rubber, etc; also the goldsmith uses it for his his metal parts.

TRM-1A, with one white barrel, € 199,00/ 167,23  (capacity 0,7L.= for about 1kg of stones) and

TRM-2A, with two white rubber barrels, € 233,00/ 195,80. Also larger rolling-tumblers available !

TRM-1A and TRM-2A is the same machine !

A much quicker way to grind/polish/debur/mix/etc is possible in our SPIRATORS,  see picture

functioning by  vibration. Grinding + polishing stones in our Spi-3,5 (capacity 3,5 L.= for about 3 up to 4,5 kg stones) for instance, can be done in 1/4th of the time being used with the rolling-tumbler. Measures 25x25x26 cm (9,84 x9,84x10,23“). Almost noiseless because of our rubber-containers (important for small workshops or home and for long-life ! Heighth 12cm/4,72“ ).

Our Spi-3,5

Consumes only few 220V/ac, like a small bulb. 399,00/ 335,29. An extra container is recommended for polishing € 145,00/ 121,85 / 113,45,00. Good for many professions (...washing, rinsing,, dulling...).



Larger machines  see picture :

 please ask for



Our combinated sawing-, grinding,-, polishing-machine: see picture

 SLB 4-15/20 which takes wheels of 15cm/ 6“ Ø or 20cm/ 8“ Ø as to your choice. Rustproof. With dimensions WDH 59x30x24cm (23,23x11,81x9,45“).     Take our complete version (= with foll. parts supplied loose: 220/ac 0,250 kW motor with switch, cable, safety plug and pulley, grinding wheels, polishing wheel + -powder, diamond-sawblade, saw-table, etc.,

with 15 cm Ø for only € 1929,80/ 1621,68  or

with 20 cm Ø wheels only € 2012,30/ 1691,01.

If you want to work on DIAMOND, it's possible already from 2132,40/ 1791,93 on.

Ask for OTHER combinations (without sawtable or with our rubber expander-wheels + endless (diamond- or sil.carb. -belts to slide over them, diamond wheels  ... ).

Additionally it is possible to mount onto the right end of the spindle, a 15cm or 20cm round disk for working FLAT surfaces. This we also offer complete .....

Also ideal for the goldsmith to make quick repairs and create own- design stone-shapes.



Our SNB-25 SAWINGMACHINE  see picture

to saw and trim stones/glass/ceramic, with max 25cm/9,84“ Ø diamond-sawblade (not dangerous at all as blade does not harm your skin. You even can touch the running blade !) to reach a cutting height of 10cm/ 3,93“. Complete with all you need € 1062,40/ 892,77 = including motor, sawblade, cooling liquid, etc. or 1107,40/ 930,59 with motor tension slide.

(With large stainless-steel-table and improved stone-vise-guiding).



Homberg + Brusius  | HombergBrusius@t-online.de