Diamond saw blades, made in Germany

for gemstones and (semi-) precious stones, glas, ceramics and more

Quality-saw blades from 150mm till 1m         from € 41,00 / 34,45

A lot of diamond is incorporated. Different diameters, thicknesses, holes (for different shaft diameters), etc. Almost anything is possible. Ask us. 

The running diamond saw blade is absolutely harmless to your fingers, as this is a diamond saw blade. "There is no sharp knife and the leaf is not toothed".

mechanical diamond saw blades, our standards:

(Article, diameter  x thickness  x  drilling in mm)
F15     150 x 0,30 x 14
N        150 x 0,50 x 14
O        200 x 0,75 x 22
P2       250 x 0,75 x 14
S         305 x 0,75 x 30
T2       355 x 1,00 x 30
V         450 x 1,00 x 30

sinterted diamond-saw blades:
150 x 1,00 x .....
200 x 1,00 x .....
250 x 1,50 x .....
300 x 1,50 x .....
... tell us your shaft diameter

Coolant for diamond saw blades

1 Liter       € 16,90 / 14,20
5 Liter       € 44,00 / 36,97

Water-soluble special coolant for cutting gemstones and other stones, glass, etc. Skin-friendly, low-odor, non-foaming. Contains no mineral oil or pollutants (such as nitrite or other toxic components). Undiluted: corrosion protection (no rust formation). Excellent cooling. Clear solution with good rinsing effect. No adhesions. No flammable liquid. Particularly environmentally and work-friendly.  Application: Suitable for all diamond saw blades (in other industries also for borazon discs). Can be used pure or diluted with water. mixing ratio: 1:12 (1 part CC-12 and up to 12 parts water). For agate or similar hardnesses use undiluted!

trim saw SNB-25